Wagsmore Unleashed

Redefining the grooming experience

We offer a variety of pet accessories and wellness products for your pets. 

Please call ahead to inquire about what we have in stock. 


We absolutely love this local Edmonton brand of collars, leashes, and

collar flowers!

All handmade and hand-dyed. 

Prices range from $40-$50 for leashes and collars, and $12-$18 for collar flowers. 


We stand by the raw diet, and personally have fed our dogs raw for over a decade.

We really encourage clients to do the research to determine if a raw diet would be suitable for their pets.

We stand by Mountain Dog Food as a company. Their food supplies a balanced, natural diet which includes vegetables, fruits, and locally sourced meats. Visit mountaindogfood.com to learn more about the raw diet!

Prices range from $30 to $47 for various sizes and types of raw food and bones.

We also carry a variety of tools we use in our own shop--for grooming, brushing, nail clipping, and dental hygiene! We're always happy to provide you the tools and knowledge for continuing care at home to ensure your dog's grooming experience at Wagsmore is easy and mat free.